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Global Gateway

Global Gateway

Cross the Threshold of Information

Global Data Company uniquely specializes in ID and age verification, providing businesses with reliable data sources in more than 30 countries. View this short demo video to see our Global Gateway in action!

Multiple Data Sources; One Solution

Global Gateway pulls information from multiple data sources spread throughout the 3 billion records that GDC has access to through government and credit data, among others. While some verification providers use a single source solution, GDC prides itself on utilizing all of the tools are our disposal to give you accurate and reliable answers that adhere to strict regulations.

Our system helps you by automatically changing entry fields to the unique requirements of the country being searched. This increases the accuracy of the information being entered and helps promote stability with your own system. Regulations are easily met and risks are mitigated.

How Global Gateway can Save You Money

Since clients can access Global Gateway through web services that have been integrated to their systems, or through our unique portal interface, seamless ID and age verification is quick and easy. By switching from manual processes to our innovative and expansive multi-source solution, a company can instantly have an average savings of up to 80% on costs!

For example, one client recently dropped their $30 manual verification process to a super low $2 real-time verification. This cost savings directly translates to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

 Support When You Need It

Whenever you have a question our valued support staff is just one click away! Consult with our experts to learn about how Global Gateway can meet requirements enacted by legislation, keep you compliant, validate your needs, and improve your company’s performance. Two options are available for XML connection. View the XML Frame Demo or XML Direct Demo in Our Videos Section to see the flexibility of two powerful but different API integration options.

Global Gateway Brochure

Take a look at our Global Gateway brochure to learn more about what business advantages you will have using Global Gateway. You can read about our multiple integration options and learn which countries are available for eIDV.

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Global Gateway Demo

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