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Global Gateway

Global Gateway is a sophisticated, reliable, and cost-effective electronic identity verification (eIDV) solution. Created by experts in anti-money laundering compliance and risk mitigation strategies, Global Gateway provides businesses with the technology they need to bring their verification workflow online and verify the identity and the age of their customers at on-boarding or throughout the client relationship both quickly and easily. 

Truly Cross Border Electronic Identity Verifications

The global business economy is growing, and many companies need cross-border verification services. Global Gateway provides businesses with reliable datasources in more than 30 countries, and we grow our data coverage regularly. If you would like to know more about our country coverage, please visit our Verification Map. We provide detailed information about each country we currently cover as well as information about countries on our development roadmap.

Multiple Datasources; One Solution

Not only do we cover multiple countries, but we offer multiple datasources for most countries. Global Gateway pulls information from multiple datasources spread throughout the 3 billion records that Trulioo has access to through government and credit data, among others. While some verification providers use a single source solution, Trulioo prides itself on utilizing all of the tools are our disposal to give you accurate and reliable answers able to meet compliance requirements.

We also simplify the confusion of multiple country coverage for you. Our system automatically changes entry fields to the unique requirements of the country being searched. This increases the accuracy of the information being entered and helps promote stability with your own system. Regulations are easily met and risks are mitigated with this sensitivity to local address and identity structures.

Unique Integration Options for Easier eIDV

No two countries work alike, and we understand you need verification services that fit your company. This is why we offer four integration options: Batch, Portal, XML Frame, and XML Direct. In our portal integration, you access Global Gateway through an online portal. If you need multiple verifications in one process, you can choose batch processing, and two options are available for XML connection.

Global Gateway XML Direct pays special attention paid to control, detail, and client process. Global Gateway XML frame offers the power of XML and the speed and convenience of our portal. View the XML Frame Demo or XML Direct Demo in Our Videos Section to see the flexibility of two powerful but different API integration options.

Experienced and Available Support

Global Data Company also proudly supports Global Gateway with experienced staff to help you along the way. Whenever you have a question our valued support staff is just one click away! Consult with our experts to learn about how Global Gateway can meet requirements enacted by legislation, keep you compliant, validate your needs, and improve your company’s performance. Read more about our support services here.

Historical Record Tracking

Global Gateway maintains the history of every identity verification your company has ever run through retrieval of match/no match indicators. If you need to check past verifications for any reason, or run an audit report with all verifications for the past quarter, then you can do so easily with our historical record tracking. Viewing and compiling the information is quick and easy with Global Gateway.

Customizable Rulesets for Any eIDV Need

Certain regulations require specific match results rules such as a two source rule, while other regulations let you determine your own ruleset allowing you to maximize your business opportunities with a risk profile for your market. Rulesets within Global Gateway are completely customizable, so you can adapt to changing regulations or set rules for each country’s identity verifications. GDC can help you determine the rulesets to best fit your company’s needs. For a more thorough explanation of rulesets and Global Gateway’s ruleset functionality, please visit this page. 


Since clients can access Global Gateway through web services that have been integrated to their systems, or through our unique portal interface, seamless ID and age verification is quick and easy.

By switching from manual processes to our innovative and expansive multi-source solution, a company can instantly have an average savings of up to 80% on costs! For example, one client recently dropped their $30 manual verification process to a super low $2 real-time verification. This cost savings directly translates to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Please contact Trulioo for any questions you have concerning Global Gateway. We can show you a live product demonstration and discuss the possibilities of a free trial. What value can you add to your company with fast, secure, and affordable eIDV? Find out by exploring Global Gateway today.

Global Gateway Brochure

Take a look at our Global Gateway brochure to learn more about what business advantages you will have using Global Gateway. You can read about our multiple integration options and learn which countries are available for eIDV.

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