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Data Enhance

Data Enhance

Global Data Company’s Data Enhance can help. Our solution enhances your customer data and is customised to your needs. We offer several data choices and you can use what you need to improve business relationships.

Our address enhancement service analyses and corrects your customer’s address using the Australian Postal Address File (PAF). We also verify customer records against the National Citizen File and National Property File. We want to help you contact you customers as easily as possible.

Did you know that on average 10% of a company’s customer phones don’t connect? Tele-Append verifies, appends, or corrects your customer’s telephone number. When your telephone numbers can’t be verified, then Tele-Connect provides additional information. Connect determines whether your customer’s telephone number actually connects. Since the 10% of phones that don’t connect cost you $4 each on average, you can save $4,000 for each 10,000 numbers using Data Enhance.

With our address and telephone verification solutions, you reduce campaign costs, improve marketing ROI, reduce fraudulent data, and enrich your customer data.

To find out more about how our data can be integrated and accessible to your business, contact us to talk to one of our consultants today.

Data Enhance Brochure

Read through our Data Enhance brochure to learn more about the 4-step Data Enhance process. We can help you clean up your customer’s addresses and check telephone numbers through the additional tele-connect service.

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